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We are business recovery professionals and will help solve your problems.

The hospitality sector can be very hit and miss in terms of financial consitency, as such it is very easy to go from profit to loss in a short space of time.

Should your business start to decline there are several questions to ask, the key ones being; a) is it a temporary dip?, b) do you have the resource to trade out of difficulty?, c) is the business module adaptable?.

If the answers to any of the above are no then you may need to act before the situation becomes unmanageable, we can assist restructure your business module and negotiate with your creditors to buy you time to recover.

At the point when formal Insolvency is unavoidable we can manage you through the procedure to guarantee matters are managed appropriately, limiting the dangers to Directors.

Available solutions we can advise on are: 

  • Liquidation
  • Pre Pack Administration
  • Administration
  • Company Voluntary Arrangements (CVA)
  • Receivership
  • Informal Arrangements
  • Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA)
  • Bankruptcy
  • Debt Relief Orders

Advantages of entering into a CVA

You stay in control of your company, even while it’s in a CVA
Pressure from creditors and HMRC ends while you prepare a CVA
Entering into a CVA can improve your company’s cash flow
While in a CVA, your company is protected from creditor legal action
In many cases, a CVA is the best option for avoiding liquidation
Entering into a CVA is far less public than other options
In a CVA, your company can make important restructuring changes
Both your company and its creditors benefit from a CVA

Disadvantages of entering into a CVA

Entering into a CVA can affect your company’s access to credit
If you break the terms of a CVA, your company could be liquidated
At least 75% of creditors need to approve your CVA proposal
A CVA is not a short-term solution and can take several years to complete