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Closing Your Company

We Do The Easy Stuff Too

It’s both simple and important to close a company correctly. This protects your position as a Director and your right to be a Director again in the future.

This could cost you as little as ¬£49, so there’s no reason to avoid it.

We can assist in maximising the personal benefits to you, or minimise losses in those situations where the business is closing without reaching the goals you expected.

Contact Us For Help Closing Your Company

You may also feel closing a company is your only option when you would prefer to keep it alive and running. There are options that you may not be aware of to keep your company, speak to us about this if this is of interest.

At the point when formal insolvency is inescapable we can guide you through the procedure to guarantee matters are managed appropriately, limiting the dangers to Directors.

Available solutions we can advise on are:

  • Liquidation
  • Pre Pack Administration
  • Administration
  • Company¬†Voluntary Arrangements (CVA)
  • Receivership
  • Informal Arrangements
  • Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA)
  • Bankruptcy
  • Debt Relief Orders

Closing A company properly

The first step is to ask if you have traded, have any debts or assets.

Where you have not traded and have no debts or assets, we can assist in a simple closure.

Where you have debts, depending on the amount of these, a simple closure is still possible with the correct notices.

Where you have assets we can advice on maximising these for you and in not losing the benefit of them.

In almost every case the best idea is to speak with us.

Rescuing your company

A company voluntary arrangement could reduce your company debt and spread out repayments over a 5 year term, allowing you to carry on trading.

Speak to us about this and other measures which might keep you trading through bad times.


We are business recovery professionals and will help solve your problems.